3-mcchronicleMcChronicle is the underrated janitor of Porta Rustica’s university. When he meets Rufus, though, he introduces himself as a professor of temporal physics. He built a real time machine but he is so worried to mess up the space-time continuum that he only uses it as a parking aid. Due to his trustful nature, he is the ideal victim for Rufus’ cataclysmic ambitions.


5-tuckGood old Tuck is the town’s drunkard. They say he once was an ambitious young man who easily turned junk into… well, better junk. But these days, he’s just a sad wreck. The last drink is always the bitterest, so he prefers to keep drinking. Tuck and Rufus are friends, and their bond is only sometimes tainted by spontaneous vomiting on Tuck’s part. Though he got plenty of liquid courage handy, he is haunted by his fears.


4-elefantThey’re real! Pink elephants walk the earth of Deponia. But it needs exceptional skills to even notice them. Especially this specimen is a two-men crew in the sorry excuse for a radioactively pink camouflage suit. At first, the elephant is still shy and tries to stay hidden, but when someone meddles with his plans for the time lines, he will turn into an overwhelming enemy: he will stop from nothing and crush anybody in his way who does not belong into his version of the space-time continuum.


6-ronny_grossRonny is Elysium’s AI, operating its machines with wit and joy for the floating city’s inhabitants. Ronny fulfills all their desires and there’s nothing Ronny wouldn’t do for them… At least until Rufus showed up. After an amateurish attempt to bypass Ronny’s security routines, Rufus somehow managed to turn the benevolent AI into a threat to mankind. Ronny, now changed by Rufus, wants to claim domination over the whole world and clones legions of dangerous morlocks. No one’s safe from this once friendly AI gone rogue.

Future Goal

2-futurgoalAfter Rufus fatal leap…well, fall of faith, times were hard for Goal. She not only suffered the loss of Rufus, but also had to see Elysium crash and burn. Her world offers nothing worth fighting for anymore, so she has nothing left to lose. When she came across someone who could change the past, she went all-in to get another shot at saving Rufus.


7-pimpiPimpi the Pimp. The only shiny thing on Deponia is probably the bling of this jewel-juggler. He’s a hopeless romantic and he doesn’t believe, but actually knows what a woman wants to hear. His keen senses let him smell good mojo from 100 miles away and there are few things that make him lose his cool. It’s all about love in his book. But even Pimpi meets his match when he tries to mentor a hopeless cause like Rufus.

Solid Rufus

1-solidrufusAfter he had to watch Goal die in his arms and the world had been infested by fewlocks, Solid Rufus was driven by one single thought: Deponia must burn. If everything ends, it might as well be ended by his own hands. The Rufus of the future has no hope left for better days. His last years spent in grief and pain made him jaded and cold; all joy of life drained from him he even grew a mustache.