We won!

Now it’s official. Chaos on Deponia is the best German PC game. Why? Besides it being damn great, the jury justifies its decision on the official website as follows:

“”Chaos on Deponia” will hook you with its magnificently dark humour and superbly orchestrated dialogues and captivate you with its sometimes crazy, sometimes tricky puzzles. It’s richly detailed, hand-painted graphics were lovingly realised and set to a beautiful soundtrack, in fact every single aspect of the game was meticulously developed. The Best Deutsches Spiel 2013 is deservedly “Chaos on Deponia” from the Hamburg studio Daedalic Entertainment.”

Chaos on Deponia sweeps the board a little bit

At the german developer-award 2012 Chaos on Deponia left the stage as one of the big winners. The second instalment of the Deponia-trilogy is now officially known as “best adventure”, “best youthgame” and “best familygame” of the year 2012. We will use this chance to thank you, our fans, for your support. Without you we wouldn’t be able to do such great games. Thank you.

Finale of the Deponia-Saga anounced

Rejoice, for the final part of the Deponia Trilogy is coming! Actually, you may rejoice for quite a while, since the grand finale will hit the shelves in early fall 2013. But at least we’ll already serve to you the third and last installment’s logo right here, right now.
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A very special guest part

Today we want to introduce you to some extraordinary delicacy.
Among countless celebreties we have another special appearence in our new installment of Deponia.
Mr. G provided a new character with his golden voice, murmuring some life into our hobo.

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Finally some action!

After quite a while without any moving pictures concerning Chaos on Deponia we would like to present to you this teaser; just a little taste of what will await you in the adventure-treat of the year.

Yet again, chaining oneself to a jagged ‘aircraft’ truly seems like a good idea.
No sooner thought than done!
Rufus is going to show you how things are working out on this landfill of a planet in Chaos on Deponia.
Take a look for yourself and tell us, if you think Rufus plan is going to be a high flying one.

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20.000 people like Daedalic Entertainment

We now have 20.000 – in words: TWENTYTHOUSAND – fans on Facebook! Therefore we show you, how Deponia could have looked like 20 years ago. Only made for this moment ;) We just have the best fans.
Thank you.

Chaos on Deponia is out now

Don’t lose time! Chaos on Deponia is now downloadable on different plattforms. You will go back to Deponia, meet new characters, solve new puzzles and have a lot of fun. It is with full English synchronization and available with Russian text and subtitles. And the best: There is a release discount of 20 % for 7 days on Steam. So, be fast!

Additionally we have a little delicacy for your ears. You will find here a few songs from the soundtrack. A special one is Huzzah- All Over Again. It is composed and sung by Jan Müller-Michaelis alias Poki, the author of Deponia. Continue reading

Developers Diary

It probably cought your eye already, but in case you didn’t know: We keep a little developer’s diary to let you steal a glance behind the scenes of Daedalic Entertainment.

Here our employees will frequently inform you what they had to accomplish to get their project Chaos on Deponia done.

Our third episode recently aired, you can watch it here.

You need to watch this!
And please let us know if you would like to see more content like this in the future.

Release trailer from Chaos on Deponia online

Here comes the release trailer of Chaos on Deponia. This video shows you lots of impressions from the second istallement of the Deponia-Trilogy. Wacky main character Rufus manages to get himself once again in many hairy situations. You will meet new people and old faces on Deponia. And the best is: You can join the exclusive Duckbill Club.

Deponia developers study junk!

In order to mentally attune to Deponian conditions our development team engaged in a little field trip to the junk yard.
Decide for yourself, if this is rather a message to all the editorial staff in this world….


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