The world of Deponia has many similarities to a layer cake: Right at the top, you’ll find a sugary, eye-pleasing coating of cream, below that the dry and tasteless center, and once you get to the bottom, you wonder whether you should have only ordered coffee.

The upper layer –ELYSIUM

The upper class live in the white city Elysium, floating in the clouds far above Deponia. Little is known about Elysium, but people say that the Elysians do not have to work and lead a perfect, care-free life. While the Elysians are a mystery to the people on Deponia, their trash is not. For generations, the upper classes have offloaded their junk by simply dumping it on the planet surface.

The middle layer – THE ORGANON

The middle layer is a network of rail tracks that span the whole planet, built on enormous concrete stilts. This is the home of the cheerless magistrates of the control council that is known everywhere only as the Organon. From their desks in their grey office buildings, they police the planet and send out their clone armies to crush Deponian resistance. The uniformed officers patrol the surface of Deponia with giant monorail cruisers and are feared by the people of Deponia for their brutality and dehumanized appearance.

The lowest layer – DEPONIA

The surface of Deponia is one planet-wide garbage dump. The Deponians are used to a life in midst debris and have built their dwellings right into the mountains of garbage. The result is an enormous adventure playground inhabited by a weird cast of characters that have mastered the art of improvisation and have formed communities that live in a weird symbiosis with other people’s trash.



kuvaq1The small village of Kuvaq was built directly into a hollowed out mountain of garbage. The local economy revolves around the excavation of trash. Through a vast mining shaft at the center of the village, the inhabitants dig for useful thing they can trade. Even their houses have been constructed from materials found in the mines.

kuvaq2The town hall is the social hub of Kuvaq, though since the mayor Lotek is holed up in his office in a deep slumber, he is never available. Other attractions include the post office and its fully-automated distribution system that uses trained kittens, Toni’s Used Goods Store, Lonzo’s Bar, and the emergency station, which is manned solely by the very busy Gizmo, who is the city’s fire department, police force and surgeon all in one.


organon_monorailWith their giant cruisers, the Organon patrols the planet surface of Deponia from high up on the concrete rails. They are always on the look-out for delinquents who dare challenge them. Rufus has formulated a daring plan to attach himself to one of these cruisers, in order to be carried along to the next elevator leading up to higher spheres.

The Garbage Mines

schrottminenThe garbage mines lie just outside of Kuvaq and are the community’s lifeline. They house an ancient system of rails that form the only connection between Kuvaq and the northern regions of Deponia. Over the years, the system has been extended again and again to produce an utterly tangled chaos of tunnels and viaducts. Still, it is the only safe way to traverse the humongous trash canyons that isolate the Kuvaq valley from the world outside.

The Lower Elevator

untere-aufstiegsstationOnce the greatest transit hub and most important trading post with the upper spheres, the Lower Elevator is now a mere ruin, since the demand for products from Deponia has stopped. Nevertheless, the area is still a popular place with smugglers, scrap traders and pirates, making it a rather unsafe place.